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Michelin - allround tyres 2024 - market overview, tests, reviews

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In this article, we have chosen a few Michelin all-round tyres based on recent tests and reviews to provide you with the essential information you need to make an educated decision.

One of the most recent additions to the Michelin all-round tyre range is the Michelin CrossClimate 2, which has proven its worth in multiple tests. This model is an improvement upon its previous generation, the Michelin CrossClimate. It has obtained various accolades like winning the Tyre Reviews test in 2022 for the 225/45 R17 size, being highly recommended in the ARBÖ test in a 205/55 R17 size, and taking part in other test such as Autobild (195/55 R16) and Autoklub CR (205/55 R16) in which it performed well. The CrossClimate 2 offers a balanced mix of performance, safety, and durability, with its strengths being excellent snow handling, short dry braking distances, and good rolling comfort.

Another popular all-round tyre from Michelin is the CrossClimate+. It has been reviewed positively in multiple tests, such as the 2021 Autobild test in a 215/60 R16 size and the 2020 Autoklub ČR test in a 205/55 R16 size. The CrossClimate+ provides consistent performance across all weather conditions, with its key strengths being its good snow traction, stable handling, and short wet braking distances. However, it shows slight weaknesses in aquaplaning resistance.

Lastly, the Michelin CrossClimate SUV is a specific all-round tyre designed for SUVs. This tyre has participated in multiple tests, such as the 2022 Autobild test in a 225/50 R18 size and the 2018 Autobild test in a 235/60 R18 size, both of which it has performed well in. It provides a mixture of performance, safety, and durability, making it a suitable choice for SUV owners.

In conclusion, the Michelin all-round tyre range offers a selection of options suited to various driving conditions and vehicle types. The CrossClimate 2, CrossClimate+, and CrossClimate SUV have all been proven in multiple tests to provide a reliable and safe driving experience. When considering the purchase of an all-round tyre, these Michelin models should be among the top contenders for their balance of performance, safety, and reliability.

New Michelin allround tyres

NameRatingTypePrevious modelYear
Michelin CrossClimate 2 SUV
Michelin CrossClimate 2
AllroundMichelin CrossClimate

Michelin allround tyres recommended in tests

Tyres which were evaluated in tests from mostly European autoclubs.
#NameOur ratingTest resultsAchievementsDimensionsPrice from
1 Michelin CrossClimate 2
1. Autobild
2. Autobild
1. Tyre Reviews
9. Autobild
3. Autobild
1. Autoklub ČR
1. Tyre Reviews
Dry braking Snow traction Snow handling Snow braking Exterior noise …+1
2 Michelin CrossClimate 2 SUV
1. Autobild
Aquaplaning - cross Aquaplaning - longitudal Dry braking Dry handling Snow handling - objective …+1
3 Michelin CrossClimate SUV
1. Autobild
Dry braking Aquaplaning - longitudal Dry handling Exterior noise Comfort …+1
4 Michelin Agilis CrossClimate
1. Autobild
3. Promobil
Dry braking Dry handling Exterior noise Comfort Snow braking …+1

Michelin - Model comparison (2024)

1. Michelin CrossClimate 2

Tested 4x in 2024, 13x in total.
Test results:
  • Short braking distance on dry roads
  • Very good aquaplaning resistance
  • Exceptional traction on snow
  • Short braking distance on snow
  • Exceptional handling on the wet
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2. Michelin CrossClimate 2 SUV

Tested 1x in 2024, 1x in total.
Test results:
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Other Michelin allround tyres

Tyres which were not featured in any test - new models, older models and non-mainstream models.

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