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Firestone Winterhawk 4

225/45 R17 Firestone Winterhawk 4 variants

Firestone Winterhawk 4 is a winter tyre made in total of 100 sizes, ranging from R14 to R14 - this particular dimension is R17, which means it fits to a 17 inch/431.8mm diameter wheel. 225/45 R17 is 70mm wider than the narrowest dimension (155) and 50mm narrower than the widest one (275). This tyre profile of 45 means the sidewall height of the tyre is 45% of the tyre width (225mm), which results in 101.25mm sidewall height. In 225/45 R17, there are 2 possible speed indexes for Firestone Winterhawk 4 - "H","V", which are good for speeds up to 210, 240 km/h. In 225/45 R17, Winterhawk 4 usually competes against WR D4, which is a tyre from Nokian with a rating of 54%, compared to 69% of the Firestone in question.

225/45 R17 91 H

Firestone Winterhawk 4 ( 225/45 R17 91H EVc )In stockFree shipping
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Firestone Winterhawk 4 (225/45 R17 91H)In stockFree shipping
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225/45 R17 94 V

Firestone Winterhawk 4 ( 225/45 R17 94V XL EVc )In stockFree shipping
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Firestone Winterhawk 4 (225/45 R17 94V)In stockFree shipping
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Firestone Winterhawk 4 is made in 100 sizes, starting from 155/65 R14 up to 275/45 R20.

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Firestone Winterhawk 4 in tyre tests

Relevant tyre tests in same or similiar dimension (225/45 R17)
Name Stopping distance on wetStopping distance on snow
Best values in test31,429,2
Firestone Winterhawk 433,931,0
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Autobild Winter tyre test 2023 225/45 R18
not recommended
Ranked #20 of 20
Finishing in the middle of the pack among 20 competitors, the Firestone Winterhawk 4 demonstrated a commendable performance in a recent evaluation. This tire showcased a balanced driving behavior on both snow and wet conditions, highlighting its reliability in varied winter scenarios. However, it was not without its drawbacks. Criticisms were directed towards its tendency to understeer on dry surfaces, alongside extended braking distances when dry and an increased rolling resistance. These aspects suggest room for improvement in optimizing its performance across all winter conditions. Despite these critiques, the tire's strengths in handling snowy and wet roads stand out, painting it as a solid choice for diverse winter driving needs.
Name WetDrySnowRunning costs
Best values in test2+2+11-
Firestone Winterhawk 42+ 322
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Autobild Winter tyre test 2023 225/60 R18
not recommended
Ranked #9 of 10
In the evaluation, the Firestone Winterhawk 4 achieved a commendable position among its competitors. The tire was praised for its exceptional performance in winter conditions, showcasing excellent aquaplaning resistance and being highlighted for its competitive pricing. However, it was not without its drawbacks; notably, the tire exhibited significant understeer during dry handling, delayed steering response, and extended braking distances both on wet and dry surfaces. Despite these issues, it stood out in specific winter disciplines, particularly excelling in snow braking, snow circle cornering, and snow handling, indicating its specialized design for winter usage.
Firestone Winterhawk 4
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ADAC Winter tyre test 2021 225/50 R17
Ranked #12 of 18
Name WetDrySnowIceNoiseWear
Best values in test1,61,91,52,12,71,5
Firestone Winterhawk 42,13,31,92,1 2,92,5
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Source: www.adac.de

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