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Falken Azenis FK520

225/40 R18 Falken Azenis FK520 variants

Falken Azenis FK520 is a summer tyre made in total of 115 sizes, ranging from R17 to R17 - this particular dimension is R18, which means it fits to a 18 inch/457.2mm diameter wheel. 225/40 R18 is 20mm wider than the narrowest dimension (205) and 100mm narrower than the widest one (325). This tyre profile of 40 means the sidewall height of the tyre is 40% of the tyre width (225mm), which results in 90mm sidewall height. In 225/40 R18, there is only one possible speed index for Falken Azenis FK520 - "Y", which is good for speeds up to 300 km/h. Latest test in 225/40 R18 was held by Autobild in 2023, where Azenis FK520 received rating "Good" and finished on the 7. place. It was tested on a Toyota Yaris GR.

225/40 R18 92 Y XL NBLK

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Falken Azenis FK520 is made in 115 sizes, starting from 205/45 R17 up to 325/30 R21.

Falken Azenis FK520 in tyre tests

Relevant tyre tests in same or similiar dimension (225/40 R18)
Autobild Summer tyre test 2023 225/40 R18
Ranked #7 of 13
Securing a solid 7th place among 13 contenders, the Falken Azenis FK520 left a noticeable mark with its performance, earning itself a "Good" final rating. This tire distinguished itself with exceptional stability during cornering and a sporty yet balanced driving experience, especially on dry roads. It showcased remarkable aquaplaning resistance and remarkably quiet pass-by noise, enhancing the driving comfort. Additionally, the tire offered a commendable price-to-performance ratio. However, it wasn't without its flaws; the tire exhibited delayed steering response and slightly longer braking distances on wet surfaces. Notably, it excelled in the disciplines of longitudinal aquaplaning and exterior noise, standing out in these specific areas.
Name WetDry
Best values in test2+1-
Falken Azenis FK52022
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SportAuto Summer tyre test 2023 225/40 R18
Ranked #7 of 11
The Falken Azenis FK520 secured the 7th position out of 11 contenders, achieving a final rating of 'Good'. This tire distinguished itself with excellent performance in aquaplaning resistance and unmatched ride comfort, leading its category in these disciplines. Testers praised its effective wet braking capabilities and secure aquaplaning properties. Its handling in curves was described as safe, albeit less dynamic, and it offered the best rolling comfort among its competitors. However, the tire was noted for its slightly delayed steering response and a somewhat indifferent balance on wet surfaces. Moreover, it showed a lesser steering spontaneity and experienced marginally longer braking distances on dry roads, aspects that were highlighted as areas for improvement.
Falken Azenis FK520
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Autobild Summer tyre test 2023 225/45 R18
Ranked #8 of 20
Securing the 8th place among 20 competitors, the Falken Azenis FK520 earned a 'Satisfactory' final rating in a well-regarded tire evaluation. This performance tire demonstrated commendable driving capabilities on dry roads, characterized by short braking distances both on wet and dry surfaces, and impressively low noise levels. However, its performance was slightly marred by limited lateral grip on wet roads, indicating room for improvement under certain conditions. Despite these nuances, the FK520 stood out for its noted strengths in safety and comfort, underscoring Falken's dedication to providing a reliable summer tire option.
Name WetDryRunning costs
Best values in test2+1-1
Falken Azenis FK5202-2+2
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Name Stopping distance on dryStopping distance on wet
Best values in test58.124.8
Falken Azenis FK52060.727
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Source: www.autobild.de
ACE Summer tyre test 2023 225/45 R18
Ranked #9 of 10
Name WetDryRolling resistanceNoise
Best values in test7154197
Falken Azenis FK5206050176
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