Continental, Bridgestone, and Kumho are among the best-rated summer tires in this year’s tests

As temperatures slowly rise and days become longer, it’s time to consider switching from winter to summer tires. Each year, several organizations test tires of various sizes, and we’ve reviewed these tests to provide a quick overview of the best options available this year.

We’ve seen many tests across different sizes, primarily focusing on touring tires in basic dimensions, such as the 205/55 R16 tested on a VW Golf or Opel Astra. Tests also included sportier sizes, like 265/35 R19 for the Mercedes Benz AMG GT. Additionally, the weighting of disciplines in these tests is becoming more varied, leading to fluctuating rankings for each tire. Before we start, just a quick note on how we made the list – we took all this year tire tests, filtered tires that has been tested at least twice and the sorted them by their average position. This of course disqualifies tires not tested this year and tires tested only once – for a complete list of available summer tires sorted by their rating in tests, check out our market overview.

An absolute winner is Continental’s PremiumContact 7, introduced in 2022. The sister of the excellent and more dry-focused SportContact 7, stands out in performance, comfort, and longevity, performing well in tests, including those emphasizing sustainability, like ADAC’s. The PremiumContact 7 is praised for its wet braking, handling, and aquaplaning resistance. Its drawbacks include higher rolling resistance compared to eco-oriented tires, and a premium price. It was featured in seven tests this year, winning five, with losses only to the Michelin Primacy 4+ and the Bridgestone we will get into now.

Continental PremiumContact 7: Tests
1AutomotorsportTest winner235/55 R182024
2AutobildExemplary225/55 R172024
1AutozeitungTest winner225/45 R172024
1ACEHighly recommended225/45 R172024
1Vibilagare215/55 R172024
1ADACGood215/55 R172024
1Sport AutoTest winner215/40 R182024
2AutobildExemplary205/55 R162024
1Autobild205/55 R162024
5Autobild225/45 R182023
3AutobildOutstanding225/45 R182023
2ACEHighly recommended225/45 R182023
1Tyre ReviewsTest winner225/40 R182023
1Tyre ReviewsTest winner205/55 R162023
1Autoklub ČR205/55 R162023

Bridgestone’s Potenza Sport, marketed as a UHP tire, shows little practical difference in driving behavior from the Continental but focuses on larger tire sizes, starting at 17 inches and primarily available for 20-inch wheels. While its mileage doesn’t match the Continental PremiumContact 7’s, it excels in sporty handling and has good rolling resistance for its category. It was highlighted in three tests, winning two Autobild tests (225/55 R17 and 235/55 R19 SUV, without wear testing) and placing fourth in Autobild’s Sportscars tire test (265/35 R19 front, 295/30 R20 rear), where the tire’s higher wear was considered in the dry handling category as it was visible after few laps of handling tests. Despite its higher wear rate, the Bridgestone remains one of the best tires available on the market.

Bridgestone Potenza Sport: Tests
4AutobildGood265/35 R192024
3AutobildGood235/55 R192024
1AutobildExemplary225/55 R172024
5AutomotorsportVery good255/45 R202023
3Gute-FahrtGood +235/35 R192023
2AutozeitungTest winner235/35 R192023
4ACEHighly recommended225/45 R182023
6SportAutoVery good225/40 R182023
5Tyre ReviewsRecommended225/40 R182023
2AutobildOutstanding225/40 R182023
3Tyre ReviewsRecommended255/35 R192022
6AutobildGood245/40 R192022
3SportautoVery good235/35 R192022
5AutobildGood225/45 R182022
1AutobildExemplary265/35 R202021
2AutobildVery good255/35 R192021
4Tyre Reviews225/40 R182021

Next, we have two contenders for the following position, each tested twice and averaging fourth place. The Hankook Ventus S1 evo3 SUV is an excellent choice for SUVs, offering a balance of price and performance. Conversely, the Kumho Ecsta HS52 was a surprise, providing balanced wet and dry performance, low price, good rolling resistance, and above-average mileage, making it an outstanding value despite its slightly higher noise.

Kumho Ecsta HS52: Tests
3Vibilagare215/55 R172024
3ADACGood215/55 R172024
5AutobildGood205/55 R162024
2Autobild205/55 R162024
13Autoklub ČR205/55 R162023
8Tyre ReviewsRecommended205/55 R162023
8ADACGood205/55 R162023
6AutobildGood215/55 R172022
3Autobild215/55 R172022

In the premium tire category, we’ve already mentioned the Michelin Primacy 4+, which, despite its higher price, focuses mainly on rolling resistance, fuel-consumption and mileage.

Michelin Primacy 4+: Tests
8AutomotorsportGood235/55 R182024
4AutobildExemplary225/55 R172024
7Autozeitung225/45 R172024
3ACEHighly recommended225/45 R172024
7Vibilagare215/55 R172024
2ADACGood215/55 R172024
5Autobild205/55 R162024
1AutobildExemplary205/55 R162024
5Tyre ReviewsHighly recommended205/55 R162023
3ADACGood205/55 R162023
2Autoklub ČR205/55 R162023

The Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance 2 offers similar benefits at a lower cost and achieved higher mileage than the Michelin in Autobild tests—over 45,000 km. Both tires perform well in wet and dry conditions compared to regular touring tires.

Lastly, the Maxxis Victra Sport 5 stands out as the most economical option. While not as sporty as its name suggests, it offers excellent value, passing all tests with good safety margins for wet and dry conditions. It’s about 50% cheaper than the average premium tire.

Maxxis Victra Sport 5: Tests
7ACERecommended225/45 R172024
4Sport AutoVery good215/40 R182024
4Gute-FahrtGood235/35 R192023
13AutobildSatisfactory225/45 R182023
9Autobild225/45 R182023
6ACEHighly recommended225/45 R182023
10AutobildSatisfactory225/40 R182023
9SportAutoGood225/40 R182023
9AutoMotorSportSatisfactory245/45 R192022
5AutobildGood245/40 R192022
7AutobildGood235/55 R182022
6AutobildGood255/35 R192021
7Autozeitung225/40 R182021
20Autobild245/45 R182020
18AutobildConditionally recommended245/45 R182020
5AutoMotorSportGood225/45 R182020
4ADACGood225/40 R182020

There are many other options available, some of which we’ve covered in articles and videos about new summer tires for 2024 and last year’s tests. For a quick overview of the best options for your vehicle and current prices, visit our website and enter your tire size.