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Kumho - summer tyres 2023 - market overview, tests, reviews

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We have carefully selected a few Kumho summer tyres based on their recent test results to provide you with reliable and comprehensive reviews. These tyres include the Kumho Ecsta HS52, Kumho Ecsta PS71, and Kumho Ecowing ES01 KH27. These tyres have been thoroughly tested and have been proven to offer great performance in various categories.

The Kumho Ecsta HS52 is a touring summer tyre that has been tested by various organizations, such as Autoklub ČR, Tyre Reviews, ADAC, and Autobild. This tyre replaced the previous generation Kumho Ecsta HS51. The Ecsta HS52 has been praised for its good performance on both wet and dry roads. Its balanced driving characteristics, short braking distances, and good comfort make it a great choice for a summer tyre. However, some tests noted slight weaknesses in environmental performance and efficiency.

The high-performance Kumho Ecsta PS71 has also been extensively tested by organizations, such as Autobild and ADAC. This tyre showcases a high level of performance, with good handling qualities and short braking distances on both wet and dry roads. The Ecsta PS71 also offers a fair price, making it a great option for those seeking performance without breaking the bank. Some tests noted a slightly increased road noise as a downside.

Another excellent tyre by Kumho is the Ecowing ES01 KH27. This summer tyre has been reviewed by ADAC and Autobild and has shown to deliver satisfactory performance. The Ecowing ES01 KH27 has been proven to be particularly good on wet surfaces, providing excellent grip and stability. In some tests, the tyre received a 'good' rating, indicating its solid performance and reliability.

In conclusion, Kumho summer tyres have proven to be reliable and efficient. The Ecsta HS52 provides well-rounded performance for touring vehicles, while the Ecsta PS71 offers high performance and handling characteristics. Lastly, the Ecowing ES01 KH27 stands out for its excellent grip on wet surfaces. These tyres are all great choices for summer driving and are sure to meet your needs in various driving conditions.

New Kumho summer tyres

NameRatingTypePrevious modelYear
Kumho Ecsta HS52
SummerKumho Ecsta HS51

Kumho summer tyres recommended in tests

Tyres which were evaluated in tests from mostly European autoclubs.
#NameOur ratingLast testAchievementsSmallest dimensionLargest dimensionPrice from
1 Kumho Ecsta HS52
Dry braking Aquaplaning - cross Aquaplaning - longitudal Mileage Exterior noise …+1 195/50 R15225/55 R18
2 Kumho Ecsta PS71
Aquaplaning - longitudal Aquaplaning - cross Exterior noise Rolling resistance 195/55 R16285/35 R22
3 Kumho EcowinG ES01 KH27
155/65 R14235/55 R17
4 Kumho Ecsta PS91
225/40 R18275/30 R21
5 Kumho Crugen HP91
Mud traction 215/65 R16275/40 R22
6 Kumho Ecowing ES31
145/80 R13225/55 R17
7 Kumho Ecsta HS51 ! Newer model available: Kumho Ecsta HS52
Aquaplaning - longitudal Aquaplaning - cross Wet circle cornering Fuel efficiency Exterior noise …+1 165/55 R14235/45 R18
8 Kumho PorTran KC53
Noise Interior noise 165/70 R14215/60 R17
9 Kumho Road Venture MT KL71
215/75 R15315/70 R17

Kumho - Model comparison (2023)

1. Kumho Ecsta PS71

Tested 4x in 2023, 12x in total.
Test results:
  • Very good aquaplaning resistance
  • Exceptional handling on the wet
  • Great handling on dry roads
  • Low rolling resistance/low fuel consumption
  • Short braking distance on dry roads
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2. Kumho Ecsta HS52

Tested 5x in 2023, 5x in total.
Test results:
  • Short braking distance on dry roads
  • Exceptional handling on the wet
  • Short braking distance on wet roads
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3. Kumho Ecsta PS91

Tested 2x in 2023, 5x in total.
Test results:
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4. Kumho Ecowing ES31

Tested 1x in 2023, 1x in total.
Test results:
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Other Kumho summer tyres

Tyres which were not featured in any test - new models, older models and non-mainstream models.
#NameSmallest dimensionLargest dimensionPrice from
1 Kumho Ecsta X3 KL17
245/70 R16245/70 R16
2 Kumho Solus KH27
175/60 R14185/55 R14
3 Kumho Ecsta KH11
155/60 R15215/55 R18
4 Kumho AT61
205/75 R15265/65 R17
5 Kumho Hs51
205/50 R16235/45 R18
6 Kumho Crugen HP71
215/70 R16265/50 R20
7 Kumho Road Venture MT51
235/75 R15265/60 R18
8 Kumho Ecsta Ps31
185/55 R15245/50 R18
9 Kumho Road Venture APT KL51
205/70 R15235/55 R18
10 Kumho Crugen Premium KL33
215/65 R16265/50 R20
11 Kumho Solus KH17
135/80 R13225/45 R18
12 Kumho Radial 857
145/80 R13235/65 R16
13 Kumho Ecsta Le Sport KU39
205/45 R16275/35 R20

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