Uniroyal SNOW MAX 2

Tyre rating 65 %

Rating based on 1 tyre tests, eu labels and customer reviews

No. 111 of 720 winter tyres

Price index: Upper-middle

Uniroyal winter tyres overall rating 70%

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Aquaplaning - cross
Adac 2019
Snow braking
Adac 2019
Snow handling
Adac 2019
Snow traction
Adac 2019

Uniroyal SNOW MAX 2 is ranked #65 of 720 winter tyres based on the results of tests carried out by ADAC 2019 and other organizations. Uniroyal SNOW MAX 2 belongs to the Upper-middle segment. It is made in total of 18 sizes, 165/70 R14 being the smallest and 235/65 R16 the largest.

Uniroyal SNOW MAX 2 in tyre tests

All tyre tests where Uniroyal SNOW MAX 2 was featured:

conditionally recommended
Ranked #10 of 15
Name WetDrySnowIceNoiseWearFuel consumption
Best values in test2,42,32,22,32,52,01,6
Uniroyal SNOW MAX 23,14,22,2 2,83,93,02,6
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Source: www.oeamtc.at


75% (1x)
Conditionally recommended

Ratings x Wheel size

75% (1x)

Ratings x Width

205/xx Rxx
75% (1x)


Uniroyal SNOW MAX 2 is made in 18 sizes, starting from 165/70 R14 up to 235/65 R16.