Sava Adapto HP

Tyre rating 73 %

Rating based on 2 tyre tests, EU labels and customer reviews

no. 20 of 590 allround tyres

Price index: lowcost

Sava allround tyres overall rating 73%

Sava Adapto HP in tyre tests

All tyre tests where Sava Adapto HP was featured:

ranked #5 of 10
name points totalwinterwetdryenviromental impact
best values in test20314373928
Sava Adapto HP16451414032
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ranked #8 of 9
name wetdrysnow
best values in test1-1-1-
Sava Adapto HP2-2-3+
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Sava Adapto HP is made in 8 sizes, starting from 185/60 R14 up to 205/55 R16.
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