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Nokian Line SUV

Tyre rating 86 %

Rating based on 5 tyre tests, EU labels and customer reviews

no. 40 of 590 summer tyres

Price index: upper-middle

Nokian summer tyres overall rating 84%



Wet handling - objective
Ace 2017

Wet handling
Ace 2017

Aquaplaning - cross
Ace 2017

Nokian Line SUV in tyre tests

All tyre tests where Nokian Line SUV was featured:

ranked #5 of 11
name points totalwetdryrolling resistancenoise
best values in test1534237146
Nokian Line SUV141614414 7
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good +
ranked #4 of 15
name wetdrywearfuel consumption
best values in test2,01,60,52,81,5
Nokian Line SUV2,62,12,53,22,8
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ranked #5 of 10
name points totalwetdryrolling resistance
best values in test10091,994,482
Nokian Line SUV96,897,296,486,5
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good +
ranked #5 of 9
name wetdryrolling resistancenoise
best values in test5,56,656
Nokian Line SUV9,07,978
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ranked #2 of 6
name wetdry
best values in test2+2-
Nokian Line SUV22-
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Nokian Line SUV is made in 33 sizes, starting from 205/70 R15 up to 285/60 R18.
wheel sizetyre sizepricespeed indexweight indexextrascheck also
15"205/70 R15H96
235/75 R15T109XLFirestone Destination HP
Barum Bravuris 4X4
16"215/65 R16H102XLHankook Dynapro HP2 RA33
Michelin Primacy 3
215/70 R16H100Hankook Ventus Prime2 K115
Firestone Destination HP
225/70 R16H103Firestone Destination HP
Kumho Ecowing ES01 KH27
235/60 R16H100Hankook Ventus Prime2 K115
Firestone Destination HP
235/70 R16H106Firestone Destination HP
Hankook Dynapro HP2 RA33
245/70 R16H111XL
265/70 R16H112Kumho Crugen HP91
Firestone Destination HP
17"215/60 R17H100XLMichelin Agilis+
215/65 R17H103XL
225/60 R17V103XL
225/65 R17H106XLMichelin Latitude Sport 3
235/55 R17V103XLHankook Ventus Prime3 K125
235/60 R17V102Pirelli Scorpion VERDE
Michelin Latitude Sport 3
235/65 R17H108XLNokian zLine SUV
Firestone Destination HP
245/65 R17H111XLKumho Solus HA31
Hankook Dynapro HP2 RA33
255/60 R17V106Kumho Crugen HP91
Firestone Destination HP
255/65 R17H114XL
265/65 R17H116XL
265/70 R17H115
275/65 R17H115Hankook Dynapro HP2 RA33
285/65 R17H116GoodYear Efficientgrip SUV
18"215/55 R18V99XLToyo Proxes T1 Sport SUV
Firestone Destination HP
215/55 R18V95Toyo Proxes T1 Sport SUV
Firestone Destination HP
225/55 R18V98Firestone Roadhawk
Kumho Crugen HP91
225/60 R18H104XLMichelin CrossClimate SUV
235/55 R18V100Hankook Ventus S1 evo2 SUV K117A
Firestone Destination HP
235/60 R18H107XLNokian zLine SUV
Kumho Crugen HP91
245/60 R18H105GoodYear Efficientgrip SUV
Michelin Latitude Sport 3
265/60 R18V110Kumho Crugen HP91
Toyo Proxes T1 Sport SUV
285/60 R18V116GoodYear Efficientgrip SUV
Michelin Latitude Tour HP
19"225/55 R19V103XL
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