Do EV Cars Need Different Tyres?

With the global campaigns on environmental protection, EV cars are becoming more popular, and many car manufacturers are shifting to its production. According to a survey, one million electric vehicles are expected to be on UK roads by 2025. An essential part of these cars’ safety is their tyres, however, with the numerous varieties available, how do you make the right choice for your vehicle? Check these few tips before buying tyres for your electric car:

Tyres Made Specifically for Your EV Cars

Unlike other vehicles, electric cars function on rechargeable batteries since they have an electric engine. This means they require tyres specially made for EV cars to guarantee high-performance and safety. These tyres are built to sustain an electric car’s weight, which can be 30% heavier than non-electric vehicles. 

EV cars produce less noise because they don’t have an internal combustion engine. Therefore, electric car tyres are built to be very quiet so as not to overwhelm the ride with noise generated. This promotes safe driving since you are not distracted by humming sounds from your car while on the road. Electric cars are built to allow for much quicker acceleration than regular vehicles due to the electric engine; an EV car requires a more rigid tyre to match this type of acceleration produced by the electric motor inside its engine. 

Manufacturers of EV car tyres also consider several factors including a reliable sidewall configuration to adapt to the weight, tyre noise reduction, and tire tread pattern adjustments. 

What Are the Benefits of EV Car Tyres? 

There are many benefits to possessing an EV car tyre. Some of these include: 

  • Enhanced durability
  • Decrease in noise 
  • Quicker acceleration as compared to ordinary vehicles
  • Expansion in the life span  
  • Minimal rolling resistance and efficiency 

Factors You Should Consider Before Buying an EV Car Tyre

An electric car tyre’s additional advantages imply that it is most likely to be more costly than an ordinary car tyre. However, it is useful to invest in excellent quality EV tyres instead of cheaper alternatives, which will cost more in the long run. This is attributed to the need to replace such tyres frequently. Before making an EV tyre purchase, it is essential to research your car’s best choice. Tyre rating systems like black circles help evaluate the nature of various parts of an EV tyre. 

It is advisable to find out tyres that are the best fit for your environmental conditions. You may require summer tyres, winter tyres, or one for all climate conditions. This should all be based on your specific requirements. 

How to Protect My EV Car’s Tyres

Like traditional car tyres, maintaining your EV car tyre involves a lot, to increase its lifespan. You should check for damages like breaks or anything indicating wear and tear.  If there is a significant amount of wear and tear, you may have to consider getting tyre replacement. It is vital to regularly check the pressure of your electric car tyre and make adjustments if necessary. You are required by law to ensure that your tyres would have at least a 1.6mm tread depth. This can be enhanced by maintaining the right wheel alignment, which will decrease tyre wear and improve performance. 

The Best Tyres for Your Electric Car

There are a variety of known tyre producers to choose from depending on your requirements. 

The Michelin Energy E-V tyres were designed by Michelin, a notable tyre manufacturing brand based in France. With a less-heavier casing to lessen rolling resistance, reduce noise, and enhance grip regardless of the weather condition, the Michelin Energy EV was designed specifically for electric cars. 

Nokian tyres is an acclaimed tyre manufacturing brand and is regarded as the world’s most northernmost tyre producers with an excess of 400 tyre offers. Nokian tyre produces electric car tyres for both summer and winter weather conditions. 

Another well-known tyre manufacturing brand is Goodyear. In addition to producing traditional car tyres, the American company offers tyres designed specifically for EV cars. Whether for regular use or performance, Goodyear provides excellent tyres for all climate conditions. 

To make life simpler, you must discover the answers to enjoying a smoother car experience while saving the Earth. Finding the right electric car tyres requires extra attention, which is the reason why you should visit to find answers to all the frequently asked questions to make an informed decision.