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Imperial SnowDragon UHP

Tyre rating 65 %

Rating based on 1 tyre tests, eu labels and customer reviews

No. 114 of 746 winter tyres

Price index: Lowcost

Imperial winter tyres overall rating 19%

Pros and cons:

  • Great handling on dry roads
  • Longer braking distance on wet roads
  • Below average aquaplaning resistance
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Dry braking 80.5%

Dry handling 87%


Exterior noise 89.5%


Rolling resistance 67.5%

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Imperial SnowDragon UHP is ranked #65 of 746 winter tyres based on the results of tests carried out by Autoklub ČR 2020 and other organizations. Imperial SnowDragon UHP belongs to the Lowcost segment. It is made in total of 46 sizes, 205/55 R16 being the smallest and 295/35 R21 the largest.

Imperial SnowDragon UHP in tyre tests

All tyre tests where Imperial SnowDragon UHP was featured:
Name Points totalWetDrySnow
Best values in test101,1103,4102,8100
Imperial SnowDragon UHP92,186,999,290,2
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Source: www.autoklubcr.cz


Imperial SnowDragon UHP is made in 46 sizes, starting from 205/55 R16 up to 295/35 R21.